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Corporate Giving Campaigns

Givinga’s platform offers a start-to-finish solution to make giving simple and effective for your company. With the shift in the market and rising competition, companies that don’t have corporate giving campaigns risk their position in the market and the reputation of their brand.

Customers Vote with Their Wallets

87% of customers will purchase a product because a company advocates for an issue they care about and 65% of consumers will not buy from a brand because it stayed silent on an issue it had an obligation to address.

  • Belief-driven buyers are now the majority in every age and income range, including 69% of 18-34 year olds, 67% of 35-54 year olds, and 56% of 55+ consumers.

  • When choosing between two brands of equal value, 90 percent of consumers are likely to switch to a cause-branded product.

  • Companies with successful giving campaigns grow faster, make more profit, and have a more loyal customer base.

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Corporate giving campaigns through Givinga help lead to more profit and loyal customers.

Corporate Giving Campaign Tools

Givinga’s platform improves corporate giving campaigns so you see ROI faster, empower employees, and amplify your corporate philanthropy impact.

  • Matching programs help you support your employees and amplify their impact on the charity of their choosing.

  • A master corporate giving account centralizes donations and directs grants to approved 501c3s.

  • Individual employee giving accounts allow employees to choose and benefit the causes they care about most.

  • Automation tools reduce repetitive manual tasks and lessen the administrative burden on your staff.

  • Detailed, 24/7 reporting and analytics include quarterly giving summaries to measure impact.

Use Givinga's tool to help your company increase corporate responsibility.

Amplify Your Impact with Crowdfunding

Amplify your impact through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is one type of corporate giving campaign that expands your reach and makes it even easier for the public to connect with your brand as they can get involved with your charitable efforts. Crowdfunding increases overall impact by as much as 5 times. An amplified impact can increase your funds by raising money outside your corporate account so you can do more with less.

Create Employee Brand Ambassadors

Improve your brand awareness and reputation through your strongest advocates, your employees. Corporate giving campaigns expand your reach and make it even easier for consumers to connect with your brand as employees spread the word about your charitable efforts.

People trust people they know more than marketing messages from companies. Employee advocacy is an invaluable asset that increases brand awareness and improves brand reputation.