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Corporate Responsibility Software

Employers have long struggled to retain high performers and recruit top talent. Organizations struggle to create a valuable and unique employee benefits program. Corporate responsibility software can help you stand out in the competition for employees. CSR is more than a buzzword, but part of intentional efforts to impact the local and global community. CSR commitments are also a necessary element of any modern business identity.

51% of employees will not work for a company that doesn't have a strong CSR commitment.”



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Fragmented CSR initiatives are difficult to manage and track. Corporate responsibility software is a unique benefit for recruiting employees. Givinga is a simple solution that allows you to:

  • Engage your employees by allowing them to donate money to pre-approved organizations.

  • Free up time for your HR team to focus on primary functions. Givinga manages your platform and trains your employees.

  • Track and report the total impact of your CSR initiatives.

Givinga 360 is a full-service approach that begins with a full assessment. By analyzing your current initiatives and goals, we create a custom solution. Companies maintain advisory control but allow for flexible individual employee giving. Our corporate responsibility software enables your employees to get involved in corporate giving.

47% of employees are more likely to be a company advocate when they connect with a company's purpose.

Differentiate your company by implementing a corporate responsibility software.

Implementing corporate responsibility software as part of your benefits package is a differentiator. With the pre-allocated corporate charitable donations, you can now give through your employees. Traditional corporate giving circumvents employees as part of the process. Shift your CSR initiatives to align with your employees, create employee advocacy, and attract top talent.

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