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CSR Programs


Implement a CSR program to improve business results

With business culture shifting to a people-driven dynamic, it becomes more important than ever to have a quality CSR program to help keep your company’s ability to strive in social responsibility at its best. Givinga offers software for your CSR program to help get you there.

  • Reduce your legal burden: Givinga’s CSR program software works with approved charities so your company doesn’t have to worry about giving to an organization that’s not a registered 501c3 charity.

  • Stay organized: With all your CSR program’s tools in once place, you can reduce time and cost associated with execution.

  • Meet your employees’ needs: Create different giving plans based on your staff’s unique interests and needs to encourage them to engage.



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A CSR program to simplify your corporate giving.

Simplify and amplify corporate giving

CSR programs can take immense administrative resources to run. Givinga’s platform for administering CSR programs makes it simple for your business to streamline processes, increase impact, and see a better return on investment.

  • Make participating in your CSR program and donating easy for your employees by giving them the freedom to choose the charities they benefit and how much they want to give. By making it easy to participate, you’ll help increase employee participation and engagement.

  • Givinga keeps your entire CSR program in one place, giving you accessible data that helps keep everyone informed on the progress of their charitable efforts.

  • Use features like crowdsources to turn small donations into large contributions. Givinga makes it easy for your corporation or individual employees to use crowdsourcing throughout your CSR program.

The Givinga CSR program empowers your employees to get involved.

Use technology to improve your CSR program and its business benefits

Givinga’s platform helps companies create and administer sustainable long-term CSR programs. Givinga’s platform provides the tools, features, and functionality to make your CSR program successful while reducing work for your HR and management staff to benefit your business.