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CSR Strategy

Effective CSR strategies fundamentally strengthen your business while contributing to society at the same time. However, it can be a challenge to execute a CSR strategy without the right technology. Givinga’s corporate social responsibility platform helps you overcome this hurdle, providing CSR strategy, program, and administration tools in a single platform.

  • Every CSR initiative you create in Givinga is flexible, allowing you to launch programs when it works for your company, and update them as your CSR strategy shifts so your program can best benefit your brand.

  • Givinga allows you to combine multiple grants to an NFP organization into a single grant to spend less time managing and distributing.

  • Improve your CSR strategy by using  Givinga to access a wider range of tools, including individual employee giving accounts and donor-advised funds.

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Strengthen your business with an effective CSR strategy

Use your CSR Strategy to increase employee retention

When it comes employee retention for your company, you can’t leave CSR strategy out of the picture. It is not only your clients caring about the social impact you promote but your employees as well. Your CSR strategy should actively work to engage your employees and help them form a bond with the company.

  • Simplify giving for your employees by making it easy to contribute directly from their paycheck.

  • Empower your employees to use Givinga’s external amplifiers to connect to their network and other sources to make an even bigger impact.

  • Making corporate giving feel like a community. Top CSR strategies build a charitable and value-driven company culture, which help you draw in top talent to your company as you build your reputation.

Use Givinga external amplifiers to improve CSR Strategy

Develop your CSR strategy with industry expertise

A strong CSR strategy will help your brand’s reputation grow as a charitable organization, helping you increase employee engagement, attract top talent, and make a bigger impact on your community. Execute your strategy with Givinga’s technology. We’ll help you to move your entire business forward.