Disaster Relief Platform

Directed Individual Relief

In response to COVID-19, our partner, The Givinga Foundation, a registered 501c3 charity, has approved the establishment of Disaster Relief Accounts. This has given us the ability to enhance our existing Corporate giving and grant management platform functionality to provide companies, their employees and extended community the tools and technology to aid approved individuals and community causes. With our Disaster Relief Platform, organizations can customize their own platform to create, contribute, manage, distribute and track Disaster Relief Account donations.



Customize Your Fund

Participating organizations can customize the Platform to meet the needs of their specific community and direct funds to approved individuals and community groups impacted by COVID-19. Qualifying individuals can include current and former employees, their families and local community business partners.

Flexible Fundraising

Customize based on defined organization goals, needs and objectives—including account contribution rules and channels: Corporate Funds, Employee Funds, Matching Funds and External Community Donations. Tax receipts automatically provided to all appropriate parties.

Grant Management

Use simple web-based Employee Request Application to collect requests from individuals in need of assistance. Through a management portal with review and approval workflow, requests are organized and approved funds are distributed to individuals with multiple payment options to ensure fast, safe delivery.

Reporting & Tracking

Gain insight through full reporting and tracking of all fund donation activity, customized to your organization requirements.