Together, We are Powerful

We empower giving by bringing people and organizations together around cause and providing universal access to flexible tools that efficiently organize, manage and amplify impact.

Simplify Your Giving

Create a tax-deductible Account. Use your Account to donate to your favorite charities. Track your activity and consolidate your reporting. There are no fees to create an Account or to make donations directly to Charities.

Organize Your Resources

Create individual, Family, Corporate or pooled Accounts. Donate cash, stocks, and other assets. Control your personal information and build a legacy of giving through Campaigns and succession planning.

Amplify Your Impact

Communicate and advocate through targeted Campaigns you create. Partner with individuals, companies, and organizations and become a multiplier for the causes you care about. Respond quickly when giving opportunities arise.

Create Your Personal Account

Consolidate your philanthropic activities, and track your charitable tax deductions in one place. Organize and manage your giving strategies free of charge. Set giving targets and proactively measure your progress.

Choose Your Cause

Access industry leading charity research to over one million registered charities including ratings, financials and annual 990 reports. Make informed decisions and stay up to date on news and developments.

Focus Your Energy

Donate money directly to the charities of your choice or run personalized campaigns with friends or through social media. Easily spread the word and significantly amplify your impact.

Track Your Impact

Take control of your total giving impact. Monitor the full effect on the causes you care about through a centralized giving dashboard. Adjust your strategy and do it again!