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Employee Giving Programs

Design, implement, and scale employee giving programs that increase engagement and productivity. Givinga provides employee giving software that empowers individual employees to give in the ways that are most meaningful to them while ensuring businesses retain control of assets.

  • Individual flexible employee giving accounts

  • Employee matching gifts

  • Corporate master accounts

  • Student loan repayment programs

  • Paid volunteering

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A CSR program to simplify your corporate giving.

Create Employee-Centric Programs that Further Business Goals

Our finance and philanthropy experts work with your team to develop employee giving programs that tie back to key business initiatives. Employees choose the organizations they go to, while your business controls assets.

Build your program and optimize with metrics. We’ll help you track activity and ROI to ensure your program is effective.

Business benefits of employee giving programs

Improve Talent Acquisition and Employee Retention

The US economy has one of the lowest unemployment rates in history. Employees have more options and can choose where they work. Compete for top talent and increase employee retention by using employee giving programs as an additional benefit.

58% of job seekers would work for a company with a good reputation for corporate social responsibility for less pay.

Increase Employee Engagement

Only 34% of employees are engaged at work, but 78% want to engage with corporate social responsibility initiatives like philanthropy. We help businesses implement employee giving programs that encourage staff to get involved and participate not only in donating, but to become more engaged with your company as a whole.

Employee Engagement Levels


Leverage Technology to Make a Greater Impact

Givinga provides financial giving technology that helps businesses and individual employees amplify their impact.

  • Social giving tools

  • Payroll deduction

  • Employee matching gift programs

  • Affinity accounts

Employee Giving Program Software

Givinga’s employee giving program software helps businesses design programs that encourage staff to get involved to make a positive impact on their community and their business. We help you design the most effective program to meet your business goals.