Personalize Corporate and Employee Giving

Improve corporate philanthropy ROI by personalizing giving for your business, employees, and stakeholders. Givinga’s Flexible Giving accounts empower employees to own their individual giving strategy while streamlining processes to reduce your administrative burden.

  • Manage Giving - Add funds to accounts and award them to charities.

  • Share Funds - Distribute funding to employees and programs.

  • Combine Donations - Link accounts to simplify giving.

  • Amplify Grants - Increase impact with social giving and fundraising.


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Types of Flexible Giving Accounts

Corporate Giving Account

A centralized corporate account to make charitable contributions, receive immediate consolidated tax benefits, fund employee accounts and activities, and direct grants.

Corporate Sponsored Employee Accounts

Give employees advisory access to the Corporate Flexible Giving Account while retaining control and oversight of the assets.

Individual Flexible Giving Accounts

Empower employees to create their own giving accounts and choose the charities they benefit. Unlike traditional corporate giving, Givinga’s Flexible Employee Giving Accounts aren’t limited by your corporate account or organization-wide giving strategy.

Social Giving and Affinity Accounts

Encourage employees to augment their giving by soliciting donations from other organizations, creating crowdfunding campaigns, or spearheading other fundraisers.

Improve Corporate Philanthropy ROI

Flexible Giving Accounts simplify corporate philanthropy processes and encourage employees to participate - all so you can improve your ROI.

See how Flexible Giving Accounts could make your program more effective.