Corporate Giving Platform

Attract Top Talent, Win Sales, and Reduce Your Administrative Burden

Create a Giving Program that Meets Market Demands

Belief-driven buyers are now the majority in every age and income range.

Over half of employees won't work for a company that doesn't have strong social and environmental commitments.

To succeed in the market, businesses need to give back.


Givinga provides a corporate giving platform that allows companies to customize, collaborate, and manage all aspects of their giving programs to improve philanthropic impact and business ROI.


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Make a Greater Impact with a Simpler Process

Turn your giving program into a growth tool.

Givinga’s corporate giving platform reduces the burden on your HR and administrative teams while enabling you to improve results by giving through your employees, not around them.

  1. Spend less time on program administration and software use with a centralized platform for managing all giving activities.

  2. Streamline processes for corporate giving and empower individual employee giving to increase participation.

  3. Enable active giving. Amplify your impact on causes, increase employee engagement, and improve ROI.


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Corporate Giving Platform that Aligns with Your Business Strategy

image2-2Customize: Enhance Your Program or Implement an End-to-End Solution

Align corporate philanthropy to your business strategy. Every Givinga platform is tailored to your needs and built to get results. From creating a foundation without the cost and administrative burden to incorporating matching, volunteer, or payroll deduction features, Givinga builds programs for every level of employee and business need. 



Customize Your Solution



Improve Your Business Processes and Performance

We help businesses of any size start and grow corporate giving programs that achieve measurable results without increasing the administrative, time, or cost burden on your company.


Get Greater Control Monetize CSR Initiatives

Safeguard your business by retaining control of all assets, use security to control employee access and activity, and allocate resources as needed.

Increase Employee Engagement

Give through your employees, not around them. Improve employee participation by empowering staff to support the causes that mean the most to them - even if your company doesn’t give to the same organization.

Reduce Giving Administration

Relieve the time and effort your staff puts into managing your corporate giving program. Givinga corporate giving software provides administration, corporate dashboards, quarterly reports, and a vetted charity database with every approved 501c3 charity in the United States.

Monetize CSR Initiatives

Transform your giving program from a cost center to an investment that drives business results.

  • Attract and retain top talent with benefits like matching gifts, paid volunteering, student loan reduction, and incentive programs.

  • Build brand awareness and reputation with corporate contributions.

  • Win new customers and increase brand loyalty by projecting your impact into the market.

 Amplify Your Impact in Your Business and Your Market

Leverage corporate and employee accounts, payroll deduction, social giving, and matching programs to make a greater impact on causes and your market.



Employer  Features

  • Charity Research and Access   
  • Flexible Contributions
  • Automation
  • Grant Management
  • Program Administration
  • Tiered Employee Group Plans
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Security and Access Controls
  • Corporate Flexible Giving Account 
  • Corporate Sponsored Employee Account


 Employee Features

  • Payroll Deduction
  • Social Giving and Affinity Accounts
  • Volunteering and Student Loan Reduction
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Matching Gifts 
  • Individual Flexible Giving Accounts