Announcing Board of Advisors

A message from Joe Phoenix on our new Board of Advisors, furthering our commitment to transforming brands for good:

Givinga announced today that we recently created a Board of Advisors. I wanted to thank Lauren Cosulich, Dave Blakelock and Larry Moulter for everything they’ve done for Givinga and for accepting these important roles.

Lauren Cosulich

I met Lauren Cosulich two years ago when Givinga was in its infancy, and her interest in our business and willingness to open doors for us just blew me away. She’s highly respected in her chosen field, sits on the board of the Cambridge Community Foundation and is a true professional in everything she does.

Dave Blakelock

Dave Blakelock and I met when he approached us to help him with a unique and novel fundraising idea. When he told me he was going to play 100 rounds of golf in 100 days for Alzheimer’s research, I thought he was crazy—and I was all in! When he actually did it, through rain and hardship, sometimes playing by himself, I was inspired.

Larry Moulter

Larry Moulter is, to put it mildly, a Boston business legend who makes me want to start my life over and try again. His stories from his days running the Boston Garden and his time in Boston politics are a who’s who of Boston’s business and the nation’s entertainment world.

Each of these people brings a unique and hugely valuable perspective to Givinga’s executive team and I just wanted to thank them, from all of us and me personally. It’s going to be a great ride!

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