Direct-To-Research Philanthropy with Meenta

On November 29th, our new partner Meenta announced the launch of their Curesology program, the first philanthropic giving program bringing cutting-edge research directly within reach of donors worldwide. Powered by Philantech®, Curesology connects Meenta’s scientific community to donors, assuring all donations allotted to research go to treating or curing the disease of choice.  

Curesology removes the inefficiency of donating to disease research by providing visibility to donors on the impact of their donation and without using the donation to pay for overhead. “I’ve given to some of these large charities, and it felt like throwing my money into a black hole. They might offer you a tear-jerking story or a shoulder to cry on, but if you want to make the most impact as directly as possible, then there is nothing quite like Curesology out there right now,” said Kyle Tretina, Ph.D., Product Marketing Manager at Meenta.

Automatically streamlined with philanthropic technology, researchers will be able to apply for grants, and a world-class scientific review committee will review the applications. Once the funds are rewarded, donors will then receive evidence from the researchers on how the money was put to work. 

“Givinga built Philantech® to revolutionize the way we give, and Meenta brings an innovative, impactful approach. We are so excited to partner with Meenta in their mission to provide better access for researchers to get the funds and tools they need to discover cures and treatments,” said Dani Engelking, our VP of Strategic Partnerships. 

All donations to Curesology are tax-deductible and 100% of the donations go directly towards research, so you’re donating to discoveries, not overhead. To explore Curesology and donate, learn more here

Congratulations to the Meenta team for their forward thinking and innovation! And we are very excited to continue working with partners to explore new ways to make an impact.

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