Case Study / Workplace

Givinga’s Philantech® activated THL’s newly formed Charitable Foundation to help them deliver on their vision and goals

The Summary

THL Partners is a premier private equity firm investing in middle-market growth companies within the Financial Technology & Services, Healthcare and Technology & Business Solutions industries. With an employee base of socially-minded professionals and a recently established Charitable Foundation, Givinga’s Philantech® helped THL realize its Foundation’s full potential with an employee engagement strategy and platform that translated values into impact. 

“The Givinga team has served as our compass as we have formalized our organization's charitable giving program and rolled out our first-ever Employee Matching Program. Their platform is easy to use and their team is an enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable bunch. It is safe to say the progress we have made as a Foundation is due to our partnership with Givinga.”

Rachel Coburn
Human Resources Project Manager at THL Parners

The Business Challenge

After the creation of THL’s Charitable Foundation, they realized they needed a platform that would enable them to make the most of the Foundation and deliver on their employee engagement goals. They had already established a Foundation board that identified three key pillars to focus on; securing basic needs, advancing the pursuit of education, and inspiring the next generation of finance. They needed a partner to help streamline their Foundation’s operations, amplify THL’s strategic cause areas, and provide their employees with opportunities to maximize their impact and easily claim company match funds.

The Partnership

Givinga’s Philantech® platform was implemented as the Foundation’s central hub to amplify company engagement. While Philantech® took care of the heavy lifting on the backend, from built-in compliance and reporting to safe and transparent donation payment processing, Givinga’s Client Success team worked with THL to put their pillars into action.

The all-in-one admin platform allows THL’s admins to promote fundraising and volunteer opportunities, create custom campaigns, process donations and automate tax receipts, distribute matching funds, and ignite an overall culture of giving at THL. Providing employees with accounts on the platform was key to stakeholder engagement and participation as it allowed employees to discover and donate to the charities and causes they care about. 

Together, Givinga and THL developed a strategy to activate their giving program across all stakeholders from charity partners to employees. Philantech® eased the usual administrative burden of running a Foundation, allowing THL to focus on their employee engagement efforts and celebrate the company’s and employees’ impact on the platform. 

The Takeaway

Givinga provided the philanthropic expertise to build out a strategic and impactful Corporate Giving Program and the technology to run the program and Foundation seamlessly. By reducing the operating costs and administrative time that a Charitable Foundation would otherwise require and combining that with employee engagement tools and insights, Givinga helped THL realize its Charitable Foundation’s full potential and translate their values into impact.

“We were excited to sign on with Givinga last summer when we initially launched our revamped charitable foundation. The Givinga team has been an instrumental partner as we have built out our charitable giving initiatives over the past year. They are incredibly helpful, down to earth, and responsive.”

Rachel Coburn
Human Resources Project Manager, THL Partners 

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