Parveen Panwar from Medium’s Authority Magazine interviewed our CEO and co-founder Joe Phoenix about the five things he wishes he knew before becoming a c-suite executive. Joe shared leadership insights, dispelled some CEO myths, and discussed how Givinga was created for meaning and impact. 

“Very few people are fortunate to find their true passion. If you do, I believe it’s your responsibility to introduce it to others. But sharing it means you have to prepare and allow for your idea to be changed by others. Once it’s in the market, you have to understand it is no longer just your idea and embrace the journey your customers will take you on,” Joe said.

From time management to work culture, Joe discussed the crucial parts of his job and how they are connected to the company’s overall mission. Givinga is more than a business; it’s revolutionizing philanthropy to connect, engage and unlock the full potential of givers and giving, so everyone can make a collective impact. 

Check out the full article on Authority Magazine here.