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Strategic Philanthropy

 Givinga is a workplace giving software provider specializing in strategic philanthropy. We integrate corporate philanthropy with your core business strategy to create a results-driven giving platform tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Philanthropic Assessment - We’ll review the corporate philanthropy program you have now, including tools and strategy to determine where Givinga’s workplace giving software can add the most value.

  • Business Alignment - Determine key business goals and map giving initiatives back to corporate objectives.

  • Custom Solution - We’ll customize Givinga to provide end-to-end support or work with your existing tools to provide the most beneficial program for your business.

  • Philanthropy and Impact Analytics - Track and project your philanthropy impact on the community and your business. Calculate your ROI through the lens of your business goals.

Givinga's Strategic Philanthropy

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A CSR program to simplify your corporate giving.

We help companies implement strategic philanthropy tools that increase their impact and further their business goals.

Strategic Philanthropy and Business Performance

We specialize in strategic philanthropy. We work with businesses to develop a corporate giving strategy that maps back to core initiatives and key performance indicators.

  • Employee Engagement

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Employee Retention

  • Brand Awareness and Reputation

  • Product Differentiation

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Administrative Time and Cost Savings

  • Use features like crowdsources to turn small donations into large contributions. Givinga makes it easy for your corporation or individual employees to use crowdsourcing throughout your CSR program.


Evaluate, Design, and Implement a Better Strategic Philanthropy Solution

From disconnected programs to a comprehensive strategy. We focus on how philanthropy connects to your business, employees, and customers. Our team of charity and business experts create a customized corporate giving platform that helps you meet your goals.

Strategic Philanthropy Solution