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Workplace Giving Software

Givinga provides workplace giving software that directly ties to business benefits. Use Givinga to improve your CSR strategy by creating a program focused on ease and collaboration. Our platform allows you to:

  • Research potential charities prior to giving donations.

  • Empower your employees by giving them individual giving accounts with immediate tax benefits.

  • Philanthropic reporting tools giving you a view of employee activity and quantifiable impact.

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Use Givinga workplace giving software to benefit your business.

Customized, user-friendly platform to develop your CSR program and outperform competitors.

We’ll help you stay ahead of the competition by allowing you to customize your program to benefit your brand, launch, and modify when it works for you. Givinga’s workplace giving software will make sure you have the tools and processes your company requires today while anticipating your future needs.

  • Automation tools to decrease HR staff’s manual and repetitive tasks

  • Connect with like-minded companies and individuals to raise more money through crowdfunding

  • Align your CSR program to your goals by donating through a centralized account

Workplace giving software to customize your giving program.

Improve your financial performance with workplace giving software.

Givinga knows that consumers value a company’s contributions as much as their products and provides the tools you need to drive social responsibility for your business.

Your financial health as a company depends on your social impact. By focusing on workplace giving, you are engaging your employees and when your employees are engaged, they are your biggest advocates and promoters. Givinga’s workplace giving software uses technology to make it possible for a company of any size to make a big impact.