Putting strategic philanthropy into practice has never been easier. Or more valuable.

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Network of 2M+ charities

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Explore Corporate
Giving Essentials

Designed to take all the complexity of workplace giving and make it simple, allowing you to have a greater impact on the causes you care about. This package modernizing workplace giving includes:

Explore Employee
Giving Essentials

Expand your charitable giving experience with a new financial, well-being employee benefit for all of your employees, making them a central part of your giving network. This package builds on everything included in the Corporate Giving Essentials bundle.

Add-on Features

Expand your giving options in ways that matter to you with a range of a la carte features.

Grant Management

Review, approve and distribute external grants with a customizable and streamlined charitable request form.

Employee Compassion Funds

Support directed individual needs by setting up an employee compassion fund within our foundation that adheres to all IRS guidelines.

International Giving

Increase the scope of your company’s impact and provide assistance in the face of global challenges.

When you give back, it’s amazing what you get in return.

92% of consumers

view a company positively if they support a social or environmental cause

75% of employees

who engage in corporate giving programs have longer tenures with the company

87% of consumers

will purchase a product because the company advocated for an issue they care about

The time to
give is here