Introducing The Philantech® Cloud Platform

We’ve brought together philanthropic tools that connect your audience to causes, financial offerings that reward charitable giving and technology that delivers the best user experience.

We call it philantech® and it’s designed to give you innovative new ways to engage and reward your customers.


Solutions That Make a Difference.

We have developed customized solutions for;
Enterprise level partners powering workplace giving and volunteering solutions.
Startup’s reimagining charitable giving.
Financial services companies offering social impact charitable investment funds.
Foundations looking to enhance donor engagement and participation.

How It Works

Our robust API allows you to Build Your Giving on your terms, in your platform, creating innovative giving programs that make a difference quickly and cost effectively. Our team will work with you every step of the way, including conceptual design, product development via our API integration and effective product rollout.

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The Rise of Social Enterprise

Society is shifting and the modern workplace is evolving. Employees, customers, and competitors are becoming more socially and environmentally conscious and they’re demanding the same from companies. Business success today depends on balancing the pursuit of profit with corporate responsibility and corporate giving is now a strategic investment made to build competitive advantage.

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