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Transform your corporate philanthropy with Philantech® Essentials and create your first campaign in a matter of minutes – at no cost.

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Philantech® Essentials

Philantech Essentials® doesn’t just include campaigns – its advanced capabilities are designed to make corporate philanthropy easier on the admin, more cost-effective, and a natural extension of your business’s overall strategy.

Branded Corporate Giving Fund

Easy activation of a corporate giving account that acts like a branded foundation. Philantech® can also seamlessly integrate into existing foundations to enhance giving initiatives and alleviate admin burdens.


Tools to instantly create branded campaigns, including match campaigns, throughout the year for cause areas, local events, or even disasters to engage your community in giving.

Admin Portal

All-in-one platform for ease and full control of giving program, including the ability to pre-fund accounts, manage payment methods, donate within the 2M+ charity network and manage impact over time.

Reporting & Insights

Actionable insights and custom reporting available on the portal for total visibility and easy monitoring of giving program activity.

Philanthropic Resources

Philanthropic and engagement expertise to make giving decisions easy and aligned with brand strategy and budget, whether you are experience or new to giving.


Giving Campaigns Features

Unlike standard crowdfunding sites, Philantech® Campaigns are designed specifically for businesses. With white-label customization, advanced capabilities for corporate matching, modern reporting and charity donation tracking capabilities, and more, Philantech® Campaigns make community-driven giving easy and impactful.

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