A Message From the Givinga CEO Regarding COVID-19

A message from Joe Phoenix regarding COVID-19:

We are in extraordinary times requiring creative solutions to problems that did not exist just a short time ago. Solving these problems together is critical. In the simplest terms, we power modern giving solutions and I’d like to share some of the actions we’re taking as a company, and with our partners, to get these solutions into the marketplace.

Employee Relief Accounts
Our charitable organization, the Givinga Foundation, has approved the establishment of Employee Relief Accounts that will allow companies to raise funds specifically for employees impacted by COVID-19. These are tax-deductible to donors and tax-free to recipients. There are no minimums and we are actively working with our partners to make these available to any company that needs them.

Partner Campaigns
We are proud to be a part of the campaign that our partner WeSpire has announced making their platform and all campaigns (remote work, neighbors helping neighbors, social distancing, engaging kids at home and digital Earth day) available at no cost for the next several months. You can sign up at their website at wespire.com/help-flatten-the-curve/.

Development Resources and Open API
We designed our philantech engine to be customizable and we have development teams available with capacity. Our open architecture API enables companies to integrate ‘white label” giving solutions easily into existing platforms. We invite any company to utilize our technology to help them align their giving program with their employees and community.

We’re at our best when we collaborate so let us know how we can help. Let’s share ideas and work together as we navigate this unique problem. We are in uncharted territory demanding creative solutions. Together we can meet these emerging challenges.

Let’s go to work.

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