Givinga Summit 2021: Build Our Vision

Last week, our team got together for Givinga Summit 2021: Build Our Vision, an internal conference in Boston where we got an opportunity to share and celebrate our collective work and vision for the future of Givinga. 

For three days, we discussed goals from our collective departments, how we can support one another and our partners better, and how we operate as a whole. Between going out in Seaport and attending a Red Sox game, our team got the opportunity to bond over our collective journey. And it became quite clear that Summit 2021 was a brand defining moment for us.

Not only was it our very first Summit as a company, but also the first time some of us met each other in person. Our cofounder and CEO Joe Phoenix said, “Could not be more proud to be part of this team! COVID robbed us of the ability to meet in person in 2020, but every person dug deep, improvised, and not only pulled our company through, but strengthened and solidified our core business. With a team like this, no summit is unattainable!” 

Most importantly, Givinga Summit 2021 was an opportunity for us to discuss what it means to build philanthropic technology, Philantech, to unlock the full potential of charitable giving. To sum up the experience, our VP of Strategic Partnerships Dani Engelking said, “Catching lightning in a bottle is sitting here with you all, doing something great for the world.”

We are excited for the months ahead, and can’t wait to continue building our vision of a team ready and equipped to make a difference in the world.

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