How to Launch

The time has come to launch! We know that every organization doesn’t benefit from the same approach. That’s why we provide you with two options so that you can choose what works best for your company and team. The details of your launch will largely depend on the giving package your organization chooses.

Step 1: Choose Launch Date and schedule with your CSM.

Step 1.2 (Optional): Decide if you would like a Live Walkthrough with Givinga, details below. If you opt for the Walkthrough, let your CSM know and they will work with you to get that scheduled.

Step 2: Edit “Get Excited Email” Template” to send out ~one week prior to launch.

Step 3: Edit “Employee Launch Email” Template” and send it on the day of your launch. (If you’ve chosen to do a Live Walkthrough, we recommend sending it out the day before).

How do I train employees to use the giving platform?

Getting buy-in from employees is crucial for a successful implementation of your giving program. Givinga offers two options to help train your employees. To choose the right one for your organization, consider the following:

  • Would employees like to attend a live walkthrough?
  • Could the walkthrough be added to a regularly scheduled all hands meeting?
  • What is your standard process of rolling out other benefits?
  • How do you usually share announcements with your company?

Two Training Options

Email a company-wide invitation to your giving program and provide your employees with resources, such as the "How To" Guide and FAQs.

A live walkthrough of the giving platform provides a more engaging experience for your employees. Contact your CSM to schedule a live walkthrough.