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Givinga is dedicated to providing philanthropic tools and resources to implement a successful giving program. Launch any of the cards to learn more about the platform and foster a culture of giving for your organization.

Admin Portal Guide
Resource Center The Admin Portal is the user interface that allows you to configure and customize the...
How to Launch
Resource Center The time has come to launch! We know that every organization doesn’t benefit from the...
Launch Templates
Resource Center Launching your Giving program is an exciting moment – here are some pre-made email...
Further Collaboration with Givinga

If your company leverages other marketing channels, such as blogs, podcasts, or webinars, and wants to engage our thought leaders for interviews, panels, or other collaborative efforts, please let us know! Our partnership extends beyond our platform, and we would love to hear your ideas on how we can further promote our partnership and our shared mission to redefine philanthropy. 

Reach out to our Marketing Manager, Shipley Foltz, at for more information.