New Year, New Look

Have you noticed anything different here at Givinga?


We are thrilled to finally reveal the launch of our brand new website, just in time to kick things off for the new year! For 2022, we have decided to take our brand voice in an exciting direction to celebrate and empower modern givers ready to redefine philanthropy.


As high purpose brands are doubling their value four times faster than low purpose brands, we are ready to help you transform workplace culture, build brand affinity or cultivate everyday philanthropy. We hope to share how your business can create more meaningful impact without compromise, using modern technology.


A special thanks to Adam Nelsen of Full Nelsen LLC and his team, Matthew Montoya, website developer, and Michelle Ellis, creative director of Marsh & Meadow Creative Co., for crafting and building our brand new website. “There are times to tell and times to sell. We reimagined the messaging to be more about the ‘tell’ — creating a narrative for Givinga that would invite site users to arrive at their own conclusions about the value of Philantech for their specific business challenges,” said Michelle, the expert wordsmith who captured the heart of Givinga messaging.


“This was a tremendous effort undertaken during a time of rapid growth for our company and I’m excited to showcase the work that this talented team produced.” said Joe Phoenix, our CEO and Cofounder. 


Thank you to our partners and clients who have been an integral part of our journey to redefine philanthropy. This website showcases how they as innovators and co-creators have put our philanthropic tools to the test and donated over twenty million dollars to charity in 2021. We are honored to be your philanthropic advocates and we look forward to continuing working to change the way the world gives.

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