Why Corporate Giving Matters

The world is a rapidly changing place. With virtually everyone now connected, the influence and power of individuals working together collectively can be seen everywhere. Never before has the power of connected people been as impressive as it has over the last 5 years. But much more than political landscapes are affected. Business culture is also experiencing a completely new dynamic that is, at its heart, people driven.

The Collective Effect On Today’s Business: Today’s worker is recognizing that their job is more than just earning a living. The modern workforce now perceives employment as another means to affect something greater than themselves, to help make the world a better place. Companies that respond to this more holistic employee pursuit find that they attract better talent, enjoy greater productivity and experience less turnover.

Corporate Giving Matters: It turns out that corporate giving is a win/win/ win for everyone. Employees are engaged and active in their communities, companies benefit from a more satisfied workforce and the community at large receives amplified benefits from a coordinated corporate approach. Just take a look at some of the numbers from LBG surveys about workplace giving programs:

  • $4 billion charitable donations raised in individual donations through workplace giving.
  • Corporate giving expanding at almost 10% per year
  • 73% more donation dollars directly to charity.

In addition, A PwC report indicates that today’s worker is 87% less likely to resign from a company that offers workplace giving programs. And a study by Cone Communications reports that 79% of workers prefer to be employed by a company they see as socially responsible. The most common indicator of social responsibility is the corporate giving practices of the company.

CSR is Worth the Investment: Corporate social responsibility programs really pay off. Although it’s easy to see how the affected charities benefit, it takes a bit of research to realize the true benefit for a business. Project ROI has done just that and here are the results of their study:

  • 7.5% increase in employee engagement
  • 13% increase in productivity
  • 50% reduction in turnover
  • 20% increase in revenue

The bottom line: A company that wants to remain competitive, enjoy growth and higher revenue, as well as experience the productivity benefit of a stable workforce, cannot overlook the critical investment in corporate giving.

Corporate Giving Simplified: It may seem like a lot of research, paperwork, and ongoing tasking to create and manage a corporate giving program. Fortunately for companies there are online platforms that streamline the process, making it a breeze to offer Employers and employees a better return on their CSR investment.

Look for platforms that:

  • Make donating efficient, simple and easy
  • Define trustworthy charities that have been thoroughly screened.
  • Create flexibility for employees to easily adjust the amount they give.
  • Provide tools that make it quick and easy to set up a targeted campaign for a specific cause
  • Allow access to social networks to amplify their impact with family and friends
  • Match the gift-giving of employees to inspire higher levels of engagement among workers.
  • Have an easily accessible data base that keeps everyone informed about the progress of their charitable efforts.

CSR can, and should, be an empowering tool that expands a company’s impact in the community while helping it attract and retain the best employees. Technology enables every company to build a win/ win/ win model as well as a sustainable long term differentiating program.

For more information on the best tools available for a corporate giving program, please contact us.

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