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The Muncey Group’s Welcome Home Fund, powered by Philantech®, provides down payment assistance to help families unlock the doors to homeownership and asset building

The Summary

In partnership with Compass Working Capital, The Muncey Group started The Welcome Home Fund powered by Givinga’s Philantech® platform to provide grants for first-generation homeowners. Over $150,000 has already been donated to help low-income families pay for a down payment on a home.

Through homeownership, families can build assets to create economic opportunities and escape generational poverty.

The Business Challenge

The Muncey Group is a Boston-based real estate firm with a mission to cultivate vibrant communities through its real estate services. As part of that mission, they feel strongly about reducing inequality and narrowing the racial and economic divides in American homeownership and wealth.

Knowing that down payment assistance is one of the most effective methods of making homeownership more accessible, they created The Welcome Home Fund to support and supplement these payments for low-income families in their community. They came to Givinga because they needed a philanthropic technology partner who could; handle campaign fundraising and charitable grants management, process and distribute payments securely and transparently, take on the administrative burden of operating a fund and guide them through the process of setting up a first-of-its-kind grants program. 

The Partnership

Givinga understood how important it was for Muncey’s philanthropic initiatives to align with their mission of finding homes for families. Through discussions with Givinga’s team of philanthropic advocates and network of fundraising experts, they were able to design a grants model that accomplished all of Muncey’s goals. 

The grants, funded by Muncey Group and local community members, are collected using Givinga’s campaign technology. By partnering with nonprofit Compass Working Capital to choose the Fund recipients without bias, Muncey was able to realize its vision and launch The Welcome Home Fund.

The Takeaway

Givinga was not only able to provide the technology and infrastructure for the fundraising and distribution of The Welcome Home Fund, but they were also able to guide the client in best practices when establishing the Fund so that it could operate smoothly. The Muncey Group’s Welcome Home Fund has already raised over $150,000 for first-generation homeowners in their community. Click here to donate.

“Wendy has always dreamed of owning her own home… When she found a home she wanted, she was able to qualify for a mortgage and through the help of the Welcome Home Fund, she was able to get enough money together for the down payment.  This has been her dream for years and it has finally come true!”

Yenifer Perez,
Senior Financial Coach at Compass Working Capital

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