Our pricing model

We’re leveraging proven strategies from fintech to reimagine the costs of giving back.

Our Pricing Philosophy

At Givinga, philanthropy is the heart, but fintech is the brain.

Even with the best of intentions, old-school charitable giving has high (and often hidden) fees and admin costs that skim up to 24% off the top of every dollar donated. And with 13% of giving done digitally, it is clear philanthropy is ready for a modern reckoning.

Access, transparency, control and affordability are the hallmarks of modern philanthropy, and are capabilities that the fintech sector has long mastered. With Givinga, we’re using learnings from fintech to create giving experiences that enable 100% of your donations to go to your donor’s chosen nonprofit.

We’re committed to your generosity and maximizing donor impact, and the way we price reflects that commitment.

So, how do we do it?

We make administering your strategic philanthropy more affordable, as well as more accessible and transparent.

Ready to get down to brass tacks?