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Transforming philanthropy with Philantech®.

Our intuitive digital platform helps givers do the most good.

Givinga Reporting

Giving well with impact is hard.

See how Philantech®
makes it easy.

Our Admin Portal

puts all capabilities, custom reporting, insights, and tech tools at your fingertips in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Seamlessly integrated

with partners of all sizes, from global companies to emerging startups. Think payment processors, benefits tech and much more.

2M+ global charities

in our vetted network mean you have incredible choice in where your gift goes.

Powerful API tools

allow you to take advantage of our giving platform with our front end experience or your own.

Fast, safe and transparent

donation delivery ensures that funds go where they’re intended with green lights all the way.

Our white label platform

allows you to create an entirely customizable and branded solution for your company, marketplace or brand experience.

Purpose is profitable.

So why isn't giving back easier?

Philantech® streamlines the entire giving journey for philanthropically minded businesses, removing obstacles that get in the way of good intentions by: