2022 Philantech Insights: Expanding Donation Access and Democratizing Giving

2022 Philantech® Insights

A Letter From Our CEO

“Many people are passionate about giving back, but feel they lack the resources and wealth to become a true “philanthropist”—philanthropy seeming exclusive and unattainable.

Our mission at Givinga is to make charitable giving more accessible, impactful, and easy for businesses of all sizes and donors of all income levels. We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to make a meaningful impact, and with the right tools and technology, anyone can be a philanthropist. 

Our growth in the last year reinforces our strong belief that, by providing access to modern tools and technology, we are unlocking more charitable giving, opening up the market to a new generation of givers, and positively impacting more charities. In doing so, we’ve seen workplace cultures transform, brands establish deeper trust with consumers, and companies build community-driven giving experiences that increase the scope and impact of their brand identity as well as their philanthropy. 

This growth would not be possible without our incredible partners who have fully embraced the potential of their generosity to impact their communities. The numbers and trends referenced are reflective of their impact through our Philantech® platform in 2022, either by building philanthropy into their workplace experiences or by providing creative opportunities for consumers to give back within their brand experiences. Thank you for your support and your dedication to social impact. 

Technology can empower great change, and we will continue to expand and adapt our platform to push more donations to charity and put philanthropy at the heart of more modern businesses.”

Joe Phoenix, CEO & Co-Founder of Givinga 

Infographic of stats mentioned in the blog

Unlocking the full potential of charitable giving

In 2022, Philantech® distributed over 700,000 donations to over 65,000 charities across all 50 states and 24 countries.

Our platform gives more people access to donate to the causes, communities, and charities that matter most to them- increasing the diversity of causes a company can support and transforming workplace culture. 

Bridging the gap between philanthropy and community

Between 2021-2022, our client base grew by over 90%.

Corporate values are changing, and people feel a greater sense of responsibility to give back and be part of a larger purpose. Furthermore, modern companies are realizing that philanthropy is no longer a cost of doing business but rather an essential investment to ignite workplace culture and transform communities. 

Our client growth shows a prioritization of purpose and social impact by putting these values at the heart of businesses. Choosing to do so with Givinga reflects our ability to deliver ROI with lower costs and reduced time commitment, increased impact on causes & charities, and greater brand purpose to transform business performance. 

Lowering the barriers to philanthropy for more charitable giving

The average donation size across all giving experiences was $19 in 2022.

This average donation size reflects our effort to lower the threshold to charitable giving. As corporations encourage their employees, consumers, and communities to take part in their charitable giving initiatives, donors are realizing that any donation amount counts. When donors believe they can make an impact regardless of the size of their donations, they’ll donate more frequently.

The average donation size for employees in workplace giving programs was $252 in 2022.

Workplace giving programs increase overall impact by driving more dollars to causes and charities important to companies and their stakeholders. When looking exclusively at donations placed by employees of our Philantech® for Workplace clients, the average donation size increases. Workplace giving not only maximizes charitable impact, but it also improves companies’ ability to attract and retain talent as 75% of employees stay longer at companies with giving programs they can engage in.

Transforming client impact

The number of charities our clients and their users supported increased by 77%.

Our clients and their users (employees and consumers) are uplifting and empowering these organizations and causes, using our Philantech® technology and financial vehicles to maximize their societal impact.

Charities that received the most dollars donated through Philantech®:

  1. CARE
  2. Games for Love 
  3. Trans Empowerment Project
  4. Hope for the Day
  5. American Cancer Society
Infographic of top charities donated to and top themes of charitable organizations donated to that are mentioned in the blog. Givinga’s 2022 Themes: 1. Female Empowerment 2. Human Rights 3. Disaster 4. Relief/Emergency Response 5. Support for Ukraine Please note that these charities and themes are specific to users of our Philantech® platform and do not necessarily reflect national philanthropy statistics.

Examples of 2022 Client Impact

Softgiving and Trans Empowerment Project

Since June 2021, Softgiving campaigns have raised over $500,000 for the Trans Empowerment Project– allowing TEP to grow from an entirely volunteer organization to hiring 10 paid employees. Givinga is the donation processor for Softgiving campaigns and provides the back-end charitable infrastructure. 

“I don’t think people understand how incredibly helpful having innovative fundraising partners like Softgiving is… fundraising can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming, especially for a grassroots organization with a small team. To have raised so much money without having to invest large amounts of money or time to do so allows us to go out and do the work that matters- empowering our community and ensuring they have access to the most basic of needs.” 

Heather Knoxville, Fundraising Director at Trans Empowerment Project

For the full Softgiving Case Study, click here. 

Orinda Country Club and the Hacienda Employee Relief Fund

In their efforts to provide stability to their staff facing financial strain, OCC partnered with Givinga to establish the Hacienda Employee Relief Fund for employees to submit requests for financial assistance. In 2022, OCC fulfilled over 80 individual grants supporting about ⅓ of their employee base. 

“The OCC employee fund has been a vital lifeline for our staff who are experiencing acute hardship. It has had a positive impact on OCC’s culture and demonstrates members’ care and concern for their wellbeing.”

Mike Evans, Hacienda Fund Committee

For the full OCC Case Study, click here.

Muncey and The Welcome Home Fund

The Muncey Group’s Welcome Home Fund, powered by Philantech®, provides down payment assistance to help families unlock the doors to homeownership and asset building. Over $150,000 has been raised to provide grants that help first-generation homeowners pay for a down payment on a home. 

“Wendy has always dreamed of owning her own home… When she found a home she wanted, she was able to qualify for a mortgage and through the help of the Welcome Home Fund, she was able to get enough money together for the down payment.  This has been her dream for years and it has finally come true!” 

Yenifer Perez, Senior Financial Coach at Compass Working Capital

For the full Muncey Case Study, click here.

Richard Toelke and the Donna V. Toelke Charitable Foundation

The Donna V. Toelke Charitable Foundation focuses on food insecurity, securing basic needs, and the health and well-being of children. In less than 2 months, Philantech®’s campaign functionality helped raise over $100k for the Foundation which was distributed to the following charities:

  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Mission of Deeds
  • Woburn Food Pantry
  • The Nan Project
  • The Food Project

“This is such a generous donation, and it comes at a time when it is greatly needed. Everyone is feeling the impact of the high cost of food. Our pantry is no different. We have seen an increase in clients, even those working full-time, struggling to make ends meet. This donation will help to ease this burden. “

Paula Matthews, Food Pantry Director at Woburn Food Pantry

Stoa’s Ukraine Campaign

With employees living in Ukraine, Stoa felt an especially urgent need to support aid and relief services for those affected by the war. Using Philantech®, they quickly launched a corporate matching campaign to harness support from their community and direct relief funds to on-the-ground organizations.

Through employee donations and company matching funds, they were able to distribute donations to the following charities:

  • Nova Ukraine 
  • Razom 
  • Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Create a Giving Program With Givinga

Schedule a demo with Givinga and see how our team and Philantech® technology can help your company transform your philanthropy and make purpose profitable. 

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