Attracting and Retaining Top Talent with a Strong CSR Program

Companies are expected to give back, and it’s becoming key to any new hire’s decision. Specifically, the millennial cohort is looking to work for companies that have demonstrated their commitment to giving back, the presence and promotion of a charitable giving program. As companies create or strengthen their CSR program, it’s critical to keep in mind the values and causes most important to their employees. Our CEO and cofounder Joe Phoenix shared with The Staffing Stream why a strong CSR program attracts and retains top talent, and what easy steps companies can take to make the most impact. 

“Employees will serve as brand ambassadors, as those invested in the company want to see it succeed and are more prone to build meaningful connections that last. An engaging CSR program is not only for recruiting top talent, but also critical to employee retention and a company’s overall success,” Joe said.  

Giving back is now essential to a brand’s success, as it communicates company culture and drives brand affinity. Revolutionizing philanthropy, modern technology and tools make it easier for companies to manage a CSR program and drive engagement. By incorporating and promoting an easy to use and impactful CSR program, companies can attract and retain top talent, all while making a positive impact for their brand and their communities. 

Check out the full article on The Staffing Stream here.

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