EarthShare Unveils Modernized Platform to Help Companies Drive Environmental Impact

New technology, powered by Givinga, enables SMBs to tap into EarthShares hub for environmental action to easily and efficiently engage their employees in philanthropic, volunteering and educational initiatives.

EarthShare, a trusted partner for environmental engagement for more than 30 years, today unveiled its modernized workplace giving and engagement platform, the first designed specifically for environmental supporters. The turnkey solution provides tools and capabilities to executives, HR teams and sustainability leads at purpose-driven SMBs, enabling them to easily and efficiently engage employees in sustainability-focused initiatives and expand access to opportunities for employees to meaningfully contribute to vital environmental causes.

According to Giving USA, only three percent of total philanthropic giving goes to environmental causes, and 50-70% of donors to environmental non-profits are 50 years of age or older, reinforcing the critical need to make philanthropy more accessible to a wider and younger group of potential givers who say climate should be prioritized to ensure a sustainable planet. To help democratize giving and make it easier and more affordable for SMBs to launch and manage employee engagement programs, we partnered with EarthShare to create a modern cloud-based platform, utilizing Philantech®, that equips EarthShare customers with a customizable and transparent solution to cultivate everyday philanthropy in the workplace. Philantech® is the only solution designed to fully integrate giving into a customized workplace experience at any scale.

As a B Corporation committed to sustainable business practices that benefit our community and the environment, it is critical to provide our employees opportunities to participate in our mission and reinvigorate their philanthropic passion through workplace giving,” said Shanon Tysland, CEO and founder of Seattle-based Experience Momentum. EarthShares enhanced platform will allow us to lead by example as a purpose-driven organization better positioned to attract and retain employees who are as passionate as we are about supporting environmental causes.”

Through a centralized hub for environmental action, SMBs that deploy EarthShares platform will now be able to:

  • Provide their employees with access to a vetted network of EarthShare nonprofit partners, as well as access to more than 1.4 million global charities to support through giving or volunteering.
  • Offer employees a carbon offset calculator that delivers insight into personal carbon emissions and that provides subscription options for offsetting carbon footprints for themselves and their families. 
  • Offer access to expert content, including guidance on giving and philanthropic opportunities that enable employees to contribute to important global environmental issues.
  • Easily manage back-end functionality, including tracking and reporting on employee donations and engagement campaigns, through an administrative portal.
  • Enable matching gifts to employees so they can distribute funds with the opportunity to create public fundraising pages to engage external stakeholders.

Our mission as an organization is to expand the number of supporters in the environmental movement and we are confident that Givingas technology will help to make this mission a reality, especially for SMBs and purpose-led organizations that are committed to making a positive environmental impact for generations to come,” said Jon Cocina, senior vice president of impact at EarthShare. “Our new platform is creating a direct link between technology and philanthropy, helping to turn the tide of environmental giving by empowering a younger demographic to engage and donate through their workplace.” 

The technology behind EarthShares centralized hub, our Philantech® platform, offers an array of features that will assist in streamlining and managing philanthropic efforts, including foundation integration, donation transparency, a fully customizable platform that fits your organizations philanthropic focus and the ability to easily cultivate a giving culture by empowering employees with tools that allow them to track individual contributions and philanthropic activities. 

To learn more about Philantech®, reach out to us today! 

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