Giving Beyond Giving Tuesday

Generosity is magnified and celebrated by millions of people across the world on Giving Tuesday (December 1st this year). But why limit the attention on giving to just one day each year?

As our CEO and co-founder, Joe Phoenix, wrote about in the Boston Business Journal on November 27, the business community, and society as a whole, should take advantage of the evolving technological revolution around us and shift how we perceive the act of giving.

“Imagine the impact if we had a year-round giving mindset using technology to enable everyday giving and opening access to tools that make it easy?” Joe asked. “Think Giving Tuesday every day – and now you’re talking about something spectacular.”

Philanthropy is fundamental to business growth, and companies today can utilize technology to easily provide their employees and customers with simple and straightforward methods to give impactfully, creating a deeper engagement within their community. Our technology enables companies to customize a giving program around their needs to suit their audience. As philanthropy becomes a core business differentiator, it improves their competitive position. As Joe says, this is a great time of year to consider new approaches to making a year-round and sustained societal impact.

Check out Joe’s full article in the BBJ here.

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