Partnership with PlanSource to Offer Charitable Giving Capabilities

The partnership provides employer groups of all sizes access to our Philantech cloud technology, unleashing the power of modern philanthropic giving in the workplace

We announced today a partnership with PlanSource, a leading provider of cloud-based benefits administration technology, to offer HR teams a wide range of charitable giving capabilities for their employees. As part of the collaboration, thousands of employer groups that use PlanSource’s benefits platform will have access to our Philantech® cloud technology, the first set of modernized, customized tools that enables employer groups to offer a giving program, while removing the administrative burdens and high cost that have historically provided challenges. With Philantech, HR leaders can give employees the opportunity to connect their philanthropic goals with the company’s mission, multiplying the impact.

The partnership between PlanSource and us demonstrates our companies’ shared goal of furthering innovation for good. As a part of PlanSource’s commitment to increasing its ecosystem of options available to benefits brokers and employer groups, the company is integrating Philantech into its customer offering, making giving easy and sustainable. Consumers will have access to 1.8 million global charities through our technology, allowing diversity of choice to give back to the causes that matter to them.

“Corporate giving programs have historically been separated from employee benefits, as well as limited to a few causes or charities to support, which makes it difficult to engage employees,” said Dani Engelking, our Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “We believe that when employer groups and employees can utilize one source for all benefits, including corporate giving, it unifies the system and increases the charitable impact of both the employer and employee, which is why we are thrilled to be bringing Givinga’s technology to PlanSource’s platform.”

“We know that while HR teams and insurance brokers are committed to devising benefit packages that attract and retain key talent, expanding the benefits package also needs to be an efficient exercise. Our new partnership with Givinga allows for both,” said Bradley Taylor, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at PlanSource. “Employers can meet the requests of their employees to illustrate their commitments to the greater good while easily activating the Givinga tool set within the PlanSource platform. We’re really excited about this relationship and the concept of charitable giving as an employee benefit.”

For further information and to learn more, feel free to reach out here.

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