A Response to the Purpose Under Pressure 2022 Report

How Organizations Can Pull Through Purpose Without Leaving Anything on the Table

The 2022 Purpose Under Pressure report published by Carol Cone ON PURPOSE in partnership with The Harris Poll and Allison+Partners digs into the importance of implementing and showcasing purpose in corporate environments. The report echoes our philosophy that purpose is both fundamental to corporate success and accessible for businesses of all sizes with the correct strategy and tools in place. We’re excited about the findings in this report and have reflected on them below, but highly encourage you to read the full Purpose Under Pressure report here.

Report Findings

The Great Resignation has shown to be a significant disruptor in companies’ growth. The report finds that the challenge of retention is largely attributed to employees leaving companies because they no longer find purpose in their work. Many people are searching for an environment in which they can pursue a higher meaning through their job, and won’t settle for workplaces that don’t match their goals or values. 

91% of employees say their company’s purpose makes them feel like they are in the right place, even during the pandemic and subsequent economic challenges. By having a purpose-driven program, companies can have a positive impact while curbing the effects of the Great Resignation. This high percentage of employees demanding purpose in their professional lives and workplaces highlights a societal shift in priorities. 

Positive impact on society is found to be an important factor for 66% of people who are looking for employment, along with salary and compensation. Recognizing that impact is now on par with salary will create a standard for how companies partake in social good and emphasize their involvement to those interested in jobs. In addition, 84% of employees say they will only work for purpose-driven companies, putting even more importance on implementing a purpose program and following through. 

There are a few ways the report suggests that companies can create more purpose-centered programs to contribute to a successful and positive corporate environment. When implementing a more significant emphasis on social good within a company, the goals should be present and consistent through employee communication. It’s easy to choose a cause to support, but 75% of employees say their company needs to act in ways that are more in line with its mission and business. Employees have also demonstrated a desire for opportunities to create personal links to the company’s purpose. Involving employees helps them feel more connected to the cause and the company, a win/win for employers. 


We encourage you to read through the Purpose Under Pressure report to dig deeper into the findings and understand how integrating purpose into a corporate environment has a positive and profitable impact. 

And if you need help building out a purpose-driven charitable giving program at your company, reach out to us via the form below.

Resource: https://purposeunderpressure.com/

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