Case Study / Foundations and Nonprofits

Philantech® enabled EarthShare, an environmental non-profit, to meet 21st century standards and scale their global impact

The Summary

For over 30 years, EarthShare has successfully engaged businesses, individuals, and other nonprofits to amplify their impact and harness the strength of a community passionate about giving back. They knew modernizing their fundraising technology would allow them to further scale their community and better serve their user base. By leveraging Givinga’s Philantech®, EarthShare was able to seamlessly unify program partners and maximize their community’s engagement with a custom platform to positively impact our planet.

The Business Challenge

With only 3% of donation dollars going to environmental causes and growing business demands to help the urgent climate crisis, EarthShare set out to solve this problem by modernizing its legacy tech and rethinking its approach to environmental impact programs. EarthShare was determined to find a partner that could: 

  • Unify systems and disparate data of a 500+ partner network 
  • Create a custom, EarthShare branded and controlled cloud platform for employee and consumer engagement 
  • Integrate modern fintech capabilities, including charitable payment infrastructure tools

“Our mission as an organization is to expand the number of supporters in the environmental movement and we are confident that Givinga’s technology will help to make this mission a reality.”

Jon Cocina
Senior Vice President of Impact at EarthShare

The Partnership

Philantech® provides EarthShare’s clients with the ability to create a personalized environmental program to engage their employees and activate custom campaigns. Made possible by two new integration partners, Givinga also implemented unique carbon offsetting programs and volunteering opportunities into EarthShare’s platform experience. Givinga’s tech provides total donation transparency and safe donation delivery without the hidden costs and high fees traditionally associated with charitable giving. Behind the scenes, a bi-directional connection to Salesforce ensures that all past and future CRM data, donation reporting, and environmental programs are seamlessly integrated into a unified, custom platform. 

Givinga’s modern charitable infrastructure tools and fundraising capabilities allow EarthShare to better harness their community and drive greater environmental impact. 

The Takeaway

Philantech® has enabled EarthShare to expand its capabilities as a non-profit and an employee and consumer engagement platform with technology designed specifically for environmental supporters. This partnership allows them to transform their business partners and donors into active philanthropists mobilized to make a positive impact on environmental causes they care about. 

Givinga gave EarthShare the tools to become a 21st century nonprofit, streamlining the charitable giving process so they can focus on bringing people together and taking action on global environmental issues. 



“It has been a terrific experience working in partnership with the EarthShare team and we are really excited to watch this important environmental platform take flight!”

Joe Phoenix
CEO at Givinga

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