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Meenta launches first-of-its-kind funding platform for scientific research on Philantech®

The Summary

With the launch of Meenta’s Curesology platform, built on Philantech®, donors around the world can donate directly to scientific research and witness the impact of their investment in a way that was previously impossible. Curesology reimagines the way that research is funded to democratize the process of scientific discovery and accelerate research affecting the treatment of human diseases.

There are more than 6,800 rare diseases affecting 25 million to 30 million Americans, yet only about 5 percent have treatments.

The Business Challenge

Meenta is a Boston-based biotech company revolutionizing the way the world accesses diagnostic testing and laboratory capabilities. With a culture of innovation and a corporate philosophy to Give First, the team trained its sight on reforming biased and inefficient systems of scientific research funding.

Chasing grant funding through traditional routes can take up to 80% of a researcher’s time, and of the grant funding dispersed, a minority of the money tends to be spent on the research itself in lieu of operational costs and institutional overhead. The Meenta team knew these problems were preventing worthy scientists from pursuing important research questions, and generous individuals from backing scientific inquiry into the diseases and topics they care about most.

The Partnership

Building on Givinga’s charitable giving platform, Meenta introduced Curesology, a major innovation in the space allowing donors worldwide to give directly to scientific research funding treatments and cures for human diseases.

By partnering with Givinga to execute Curesology, Meenta can provide donors with a high degree of visibility into how their money is being put to work and demonstrate that 100% of the donations go directly towards research to fund discoveries, not overhead.

The Takeaway

For Meenta, Givinga’s ability to see their vision and willingness to walk with them into uncharted territory is what made this partnership successful. As for the Givinga team, the enthusiasm is mutual. “We are so excited to partner with Meenta in their mission to provide better access for researchers to get the funds and tools they need to discover cures and treatments,” said Dani Engelking, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Givinga.

“I’ve given to some of these large charities, and it felt like throwing my money into a black hole. If you want to make the most impact as directly as possible, then there is nothing quite like Curesology out there right now.”

Kyle Tretina, Ph.D.
Product Marketing Manager at Meenta

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