Case Study / Workplace

Philantech® joins the lineup at PlanSource, one of the leading HR benefits marketplaces

The Summary

PlanSource has partnered with Givinga to offer a new first for their HR benefits marketplace: turnkey tools to create streamlined modern giving programs in all kinds of workplaces, in essence positioning corporate giving as a business essential as fundamental as insurance and payroll.

“We’re really excited about the concept of charitable giving as an employee benefit.”

Bradley Taylor
Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at PlanSource

The Business Challenge

To put it simply, employers can no longer afford to think of strategic corporate giving as a “nice to have.” The impact of impact can be seen everywhere from brand perception and penetration to employee satisfaction and retention. PlanSource, recognizing the urgency for all workplaces to have access to tools that would streamline their philanthropic efforts, introduced Givinga as a partner in 2020.

79% of employees prefer to work for socially responsible companies

The Partnership

By introducing Philantech into their suite of best-in-class HR administration technologies, PlanSource is helping workplaces shift to the modern mindset that philanthropy is a valuable investment in their community and workplace culture.

Choosing Givinga as a partner for this exciting new effort will allow many employers to roll out new giving programs without the high cost and administrative burden that have historically been barriers to corporate philanthropy.

Beyond employees, consumers also appreciate and expect companies to give back and align their brand with charitable initiatives. A Cone Communications Study found that 92% of consumers view companies positively if they support a social or environmental cause.

The Takeaway

Says Givinga CEO Joe Phoenix, “Givinga’s Philantech platform was designed to give our partners, and their customers, access to tools allowing them to create new and empowering ways to give to charity. Softgiving embodies this creative giving approach and we’re excited to be the engine powering this new generation of philanthropic innovators.” 

The beauty of any new partnership based on Philantech® is the flexibility to evolve over time. In the future, Softgiving hopes to expand the giving tools available via Givinga to their users, donors and streamers alike.

“When employer groups and employees can utilize one source for all benefits, including corporate giving, it increases the charitable impact of both the employer and employee.”

Dani Engelking
Vice President, Strategic
Partnerships at Givinga

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