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Employee Giving Campaigns

Your employees are becoming more socially conscious and they are demanding the same from the businesses they work for. Givinga provides a philanthropy platform with tools for employee giving campaigns that amplify your impact and increase employee engagement.

Employee giving campaigns are essential to business success. Fifty-one percent of employees won’t work for a company that doesn’t have strong social and environmental commitments. Givinga’s tools enable employee giving campaigns with:

  • Flexible Giving Accounts allow your employees to set up contributions through their individual accounts.

  • A database of all approved 501c3 charities in the United States that employees can choose from, with the flexibility to make tax-deductible contributions directly from their paycheck.

  • The ability to offer charitable bonuses directly to your employee’s accounts to put towards their favorite charities

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Givinga helps make employee giving campaigns easy and empowering for your staff.

Employees Engage with Employee Giving Campaigns

Top talent now chooses to work for companies with strong CSR programs that benefit causes they care about.

  • 78% of employees want to engage with corporate philanthropy.

  • Employees want the freedom to choose causes they are passionate about and start their own giving campaigns to support them.

  • Crowdfunding amplifies campaigns, so you can make more of an impact with less funding at the beginning. On average, 30% of employees will run a crowdfunding campaign with a 5x average return.

Unlike traditional corporate giving, Givinga’s Flexible Employee Giving Accounts aren’t limited by your corporate account or organization-wide giving strategy. Your employees are in control of the charities they support, making it more likely that they’ll participate in your corporate philanthropy program and engage with your company.

Givinga helps your employees feel empowered through employee giving campaigns.

Employee Giving Campaigns Help Your Company

Employee giving campaigns not only benefit your employees - they provide strong ROI for your company. GIvinga’s platform drives results and changes corporate giving from a cost center to an investment. With employee giving campaigns you’ll find your employees more engaged, more productive, and more focused on supporting your company’s success. When your employees are engaged, they become your advocates and the voice of your company, increasing brand awareness and improving your reputation.