Corporate Philanthropy Evolves.
Your Platform Should Too.

Drive ROI with the 3 Pillars of Corporate Philanthropy

Companies recognize the need to give back but don’t have the tools to connect corporate responsibility (CR) to business strategy and ROI. Givinga360 integrates corporate philanthropy into overall business strategy, enabling companies to create positive, measurable ROI.



80% of employees expect companies to be involved with their communities. Investing in philanthropy helps fulfill employee expectations and improve reputation.



Two-thirds of millennials won’t take a job with a company that doesn’t have strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. Use CR to attract and retain talent.



80% of consumers believe businesses should balance profit with social impact and 42% will pay more for products committed to social impact. Leverage CR to improve brand equity through brand awareness, reputation, and sales.

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The Givinga360 Process:
A Five-Step Program to Maximize Impact

Every corporate platform is designed and managed using the Givinga360 five-step process, which tailors Givinga, its features, and the systems it works with to fit your business strategy.


Assess Your Philanthropy Strategy and Tools

We’ll assess your existing corporate philanthropy model, tools, and strategy to determine where Givinga can provide the most benefit.


Design Your Solution

We custom-design Givinga to wrap around existing CR and business ecosystems creating tailored functionality that includes individual Flexible Giving Accounts, matching programs, and social amplifiers.


Train Employees and Track Your Results

Our dedicated Client Service Team will liaise with your HR staff and train employees. Our customized dashboards track activity to determine your total philanthropic impact.


Project Your Impact

We’ll set up tailored reporting on all activity including corporate reports, quarterly giving summaries, and web analytics to demonstrate results.


Calculate Your ROI

ROI reporting is built into your platform, including reach, engagement, and cost analytics.

Evolve and Optimize

We’re committed to becoming a long-term partner for your organization, working with you to customize, update, and enhance your giving initiatives. Connect with us to see how we can work together to move your business’s corporate philanthropy efforts forward.

Givinga 360 Solution